Recommendations on cleaning an office

Having been in the industry for over 20 years , we have seen many decision makers dictate on how often the building should be cleaned and what services should be provided . This may of been considered normal prior to Covid-19 , but most can agree we live in a much different world today , were health & safety has become a priority ! Some recommendations we have are that any office that gets visitors or has more then 5 people working in it or more should be cleaned each and everyday that it is open . Areas of importance ,would be public restrooms, kitchens, break areas, and common areas . I’m not saying we need to sanitize and clean each work space throughout the building , I think most people would want to take responsible for their desk area , but would recommend the cleaning service to pull the trash and sanitize the floors . Some offices have removed individual  trash cans , and set up a central area which includes a recyclable can and basic trash can . This idea will help cut cost with trash liners ,and will help reduce the cost of the labor in cleaning the entire building. Another technique is the defogging or electrostatic spraying using a product like Vital Oxide that doesn’t require wiping . Now cleaning staff , are able to cover large parts of the office building in a much faster time vs traditional cleaning methods . Another technique that has taken place is the using of a back pack Vacuum cleaner . This vacuum is able to get in all the areas , a normal upright vacuum could not. In addition it has taken the place of a high duster , and also a dust mop , once again cutting the cost of labor and getting a much better result . Technology continues to change each and everyday , and with the importance of health & safety I would highly recommend making changes to your workplace . If you have any questions on improving your cleaning program , I can be reached at 1-800-491-1255 or emailed at