Cleaning Checklist for Schools in NJ,PA,DE

  1. Last month many schools reopened and everyone was excited about going back to school ! Now we are well into October ,and the questions many may ask are what are my chances of catching Covid-19 and what can I do to prevent myself, and students from being exposed to it ? We here at Diversified Contract Cleaning Services and our other brand Daycare Cleaning Services, Inc . have been doing Healthcare Cleaning for Schools since 2001 ! So I would like to say we are experts in the cleaning industry for schools , having survived the different pandemics throughout the years . So with over 20 years experience in cleaning schools ,I would like to recommend the following : Disinfect Daily ,In-service everyone on Handwashing ,Follow proper cleaning procedures ,Cleaning of common areas throughout like restrooms ,lunchroom ,entrance areas & hallways . An electric Static sprayer or Defogger can accomplish this task very quickly when using a disinfectant that doesn’t require wiping ,and has a quick kill time and dry time . The Daytime school custodian is given a task schedule that works well throughout the day while the students in their classrooms . This is just some of the things that we are doing or recommending  , if you have an idea or comment please email me directly at