South Jersey Commercial Cleaning Service

Diversified Contract Cleaning Services is your simple destination for South Jersey commercial cleaning service. We provide janitorial and cleaning services for most every type of business, and we serve the entire South Jersey region including the greater Philadelphia area. At DCCS, we offer exceptional cleaning services at a price within your company’s budget.

We keep your facility cleaned on the inside and outside, and we offer daily, monthly and quarterly service plans.

Your South Jersey Commercial Cleaning Service Experts

From car dealerships to healthcare facilities and everything in between, we provide a full suite of cleaning service options for your business, including:

Janitorial Services. We will look at your current program and see where it’s lacking, such as untrained staff or outdated equipment. We’ll provide you with a new plan that works for your specific business, and takes care of dusting and mopping floors, bathroom cleaning, trash removal, windows and more.

Carpet Cleaning. Carpets are constantly absorbing dirt and germs, and in many facilities kids will be playing on them. We spot clean your carpets daily, and shampoo your carpets on a quarterly basis. If your carpet needs replacing, we will let you know.

Floor Stripping and Waxing. We’ll examine your current floor cleaning plan and how your floors can be better maintained. Our stripping and waxing services include adding six coats of high quality finish, and using a high speed burnisher to maintain your floor’s shine.

Infection Control (Covid-19 Cleaning). In the age of Covid-19, a sanitized environment is essential in your facility…and it’s our mission at DCCS. We use U.S. regulated, high quality cleaning products to disinfect and fight disease and bacteria. Our green products are also free of harsh, health-threatening chemicals.

Supplies and Delivery. DCCS is your one-stop shop for all of your cleaning supplies and equipment. We have relationships with top brands and can provide you with products at a reasonable cost. Whether it’s Covid-19 PPE, electrostatic machines, hand sanitizer or anything in between, we can deliver it to your facility at a great price.

Find out more about our South Jersey commercial cleaning service and what we can do to make your building shine. Contact us today or click here to request a quote, and leave the cleaning to us!