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Visible grime, mold, stains, and rancid odor make bad first impressions.  A bad first impression could cost you business, and earn you an unwanted reputation on social media. Hiring just any Philadelphia commercial cleaning service won’t fix the problem.

Thoroughly clean, sanitize, and deodorize your daycare, diner, dealership, gym, or retail shop with Diversified Contract Cleaning Service. Our reliable, thorough cleaning protects your investment and proves you care about your customers.

A spotless workplace fuels growth.

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Reliable, Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Our founder, Rob Nestore, opened Diversified Contract Cleaning Service in South Jersey nine years ago. Now operating out of Cherry Hill, we’re committed to hiring trustworthy staff and adhering to stringent standards, like the CDC guidelines for cleaning childcare centers.

Why are 95% of our clients return customers? Because they trust our dependability, reasonable pricing, and expert service. We stand out in Philadelphia for our commitment to environmentally friendly cleaning practices.

Keep your space clean and the environment safe.

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Cleaner Spaces Enrich the Bottom Line

A clean and sanitary workspace boosts your bottom line by:

  • Reducing Sick Days: Fewer germs mean lower absenteeism and higher productivity
  • Extending Asset Life: Clean carpets, floors, furniture, and equipment last longer
  • Increasing Customer Loyalty: A clean environment impresses customers, encourages repeat business, and generates positive referrals
  • Improving Operational Efficiency: People are happier and work more efficiently in clean spaces

Keep your office clean and professional!

Prioritize Safety with Every Clean

The wrong cleaning products can have noticeable, dangerous, or legal consequences. Cleanliness and safety have to happen together. We use EPA-registered disinfectants and comply with ISSA’s Clean Standards.

We Work Where You Work

What do you need cleaned—an office? A gym or fitness center? Maybe a car dealership? Yes, yes, and yes, we clean those, as well as…

  • Retail centers
  • Commercial buildings on and off industrial campuses
  • Hotels and hospitality facilities
  • Daycares and preschools
  • K-12 public and private schools


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Avoid the risks and costs associated with subpar cleaning. Rely on DCCS for a safe, immaculate environment.

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