Haddon Township Commercial Cleaning Service

At Diversified Contract Cleaning Services of South Jersey, we are your established solution for Haddon Township commercial cleaning service! We provide a full suite of cleaning services for your business…including janitorial services, floor cleaning and waxing, carpet cleaning and maintenance, landscaping and snow removal, cleaning supplies and much more. We keep your place of business clean and welcoming to visitors, at a price your budget can afford.

Whether your business is a restaurant, office, fitness center, medical facility or most anything else, we provide cleaning services that are specific to your industry’s needs, and a sanitary environment for your customers, employees, and visitors.

As you’re surely aware, the importance of having a clean environment in your place of business is well worth the investment. Obviously the appearance of your facility matters, to your employees as well as your customers. No one wants to spend time or work in a place with carpet stains, overflowing garbage containers, or dust-covered equipment. In addition, if employees become ill from touching unsanitary surfaces, it’s lost time and productivity.

Furthermore, if your business is a medical facility, retail store or restaurant, the cleanliness of your building is vitally important. Studies have shown that consumers consider the cleanliness of a facility to be more important than nearly anything else…and that a filthy bathroom can especially drive customers away from your establishment, never to return.

Your Haddon Township Area Commercial Cleaning Experts

Investing in an established, competent cleaning service will make the difference for both your bottom line and employee morale. At DCCS, we not only customize our services to your business needs and your budget, we also do it safely, with non-toxic cleaning materials and modern equipment. We offer our cleaning services for businesses throughout South Jersey, and our client retention rate is currently at 95%.

Take the first step towards a cleaner facility and a sanitary environment…let DCCS be the answer to your search for a Haddon Township commercial cleaning service. Request a quote here and tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll arrange a consultation with you to show you how your cleaning services can be done better…and how it will improve your bottom line!

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