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Cleanliness and sanitation aren’t just nice to have; they’re must-haves for any business, whether you’re running a daycare, restaurant, car dealership, gym, or retail store. They’re the key to making great first impressions and keeping your team proud of where they work. Don’t let a subpar cleaning service chase away your customers or tarnish your reputation. Safeguard your business, your employees’ health, and all the hard work you’ve put in by choosing Diversified Contract Cleaning Service, the top Bucks County commercial cleaning service!

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Cleaner, Greener, and Always Reliable

In 2015, Rob Nestore set out to deliver top-notch cleaning and maintenance services at reasonable prices. Under his leadership, Diversified Contract Cleaning Service grew from a humble operation in South Jersey to a leading regional company based in Cherry Hill. Our team, known for excellence, earned an enviable reputation, providing outstanding cleaning services in multiple industries, including servicing childcare facilities to CDC standards.

Our clients stay with us because they value dependable services, fair pricing, and professionalism. With a 95% client retention rate, we’re sure you’ll be thrilled with our work. What sets us apart as a Bucks County commercial cleaning service? It’s our commitment to using green cleaning solutions for healthier inside and outside environments.

Your employees deserve clean and sanitized spaces.

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Boost Your Bottom Line

A clean and sanitary workspace goes right to your bottom line with:

  • Fewer Sick Days: Block germs and watch productivity increase while you spend less on temp hires or overtime to compensate for absent employees.
  • Longer Asset Life: Regular cleaning saves money on replacing dirty carpets, floors, counters, equipment, and machinery.
  • More Customers: First impressions matter, and clean space brings customers back. Positive word-of-mouth talk boosts revenue without extra advertising dollars.
  • Faster Work Speeds: A tidy space is more accessible to move and work in, making everything more efficient.

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You might not know which cleaning chemicals are the safest, but we do! We stay current on EPA-registered disinfectants to clean your facilities responsibly and safely. If your facility needs to comply with ISSA’s Clean Standards, we’ve got that, too.

Shortcuts are expensive and risky. So please don’t take any. Trust us to keep your space safe and sound.

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